Privacy Policy

The Columbia Basin Institute of Regional History takes personal privacy as a serious matter, perhaps an odd stance for an historical organization. Be that as it may, we will not sell, rent, trade or otherwise distribute your phone number, mailing address or e-mail address to any third party. This information will only be used for our personal contact with you, to complete commercial transactions and deliver our products to you, to respond to your inquiries and to inform you of developments at the Columbia Basin Institute.

The Columbia Basin Institute of Regional History does not automatically collect your personal information. It is only obtained when you become a member, contact us via e-mail, enter a contest or the like. When we do collect your personal information it will be obvious to you because you will fill out a form. Your trust is important to us.

The same is true for all partnership information. We only supply links to our partner web sites and general office information. We do not supply any collections information other than what is posted on our web site at

Questions or comments about the Columbia Basin Institute's privacy policy should be directed to:

Anna Majkowski
Executive Director
Columbia Basin Institute of Regional History