Castlegar Community Album: People From the Past

Much of what we do and have comes from the past. Many of the roads in the Castlegar area follow ancient trails. Townsites are established on earlier fishing or summer camps. The names of schools and businesses often bear witness to earlier pioneers. Memories are passed down from pioneer families. All of this constitutes part of our history.

The people on this page are not necessarily "important" people in the way traditional histories define importance. Rather, these people came, stayed and worked for change. They left a mark. For instance, Lion's Head was once known as 'Burfield's Rock' after a farmer who created a homestead there.

Many men and women had a profound impact on the Castlegar area. William Waldie managed a sawmill that sustained the town for many years. Peter Verigin led the Doukhobor people to the area and forever changed the cultural make-up, helping Castlegar to be unique. Osborne Sutherland helped to develop the transportation routes.

The present owes these men and women a great deal.

Ralph West and Harold Foxlee : Ralph West (left) and Harold Foxlee. Both men joined the Revelstoke Forestry Draft in 1917. At the
Ralph West and Harold Foxlee
Early Robson Settlers : These gentlemen were among Robson's earliest settlers - W.G. Wickham, A. Firnell, H.L. Miller, J.F.
Early Robson Settlers
Captain Osborne Sutherland : Steamboat Captain Osborne Sutherland, Robson, B.C. area
Captain Osborne Sutherland
Robson Ladies and Newly Planted Tree : Mrs. Clyde Fowler, Horne, unknown, Osborne and Ferguson, by a newly planted tree, probably Robson, B
Robson Ladies and Newly Planted Tree