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L.P. Sullivan Remembers... : A short column remembering some of Cranbrook's past from the editor and owner of the Cranbrook Cour
L.P. Sullivan Remembers...
Quick History of the Lumber Industry : An article by Nancy Miles on the evolution of the lumber industry in East Kootenay up to 1955. Brie
Quick History of the Lumber Industry
Fire Hall Radios : An article on the equipping of Cranbrook fire trucks with transmitter-receivers for Station XJK24, e
Fire Hall Radios
Womens Hockey - Cranbrook Bluebirds : Cutlines for 3 photos which identifies some of the players on various Cranbrook women's hockey teams
Womens Hockey - Cranbrook Bluebirds
Cranbrook Tourist Park Bungalows : An article on the 1955 closing date of the Cranbrook Tourist Park. Also a description of the bungal
Cranbrook Tourist Park Bungalows
Womens Editor : Bessie La Fleur is Women's Editor for the Cranbrook Couriuer.
Womens Editor
Auto Accident : Auto Accident
Auto Accident
Cranbrook Ed Caught : Cranbrook Ed, escaped Sells-Floto Circus elephant, captured near Jimsmith Lake after more than a mon
Cranbrook Ed Caught
Herald Building : Herald building, containing offices for the Cranbrook Herald and Martin Brothers Real Estate, was so
Herald Building
Moir : Mrs. Moir in the St. Eugene hospital.
GWVA Smoker : GWVA Smoker for organizers of Empire Day.
GWVA Smoker
Cranbrook Gyros : Cranbrook Gyros visited by regional brass and plan for District meeting and International convention
Cranbrook Gyros
Wentworth Hotel : Wentworth Hotel sold by Bert Matson to Egisto Bigattini.
Wentworth Hotel
Cranbrook Rotary : Cranbrook Rotary wins attendance cup at Victoia district conference. Cranbrook Rotarians proceeding
Cranbrook Rotary
Davis, James : James Davis of the B.C. Forest Service passed away in Kimberley Hospital, with services in Kimberley
Davis, James
Howard, Charles : Owner of the Herald building, CHarles Howard, taken to hospital.
Howard, Charles
Rotary Minstrel Show : Wycliffe residents attend Rotary Minstrel Show.
Rotary Minstrel Show
The Beauty Shop : Gyro club of Cranbrook produces a musical comedy, 'The Beauty Shop'with local talent.
The Beauty Shop
Amy Woodland : Amy Woodland, principal of Central School, returns from holiday.
Amy Woodland
Cranbrook Library : Cranbrook Library small but active.
Cranbrook Library
Kimberley Gyros : Kimberley Gyros formed and clubs from region gatherr to celebrate. Roster of officers elected.
Kimberley Gyros
Ratcliffe & Stewart : Ratcliffe & Stewart, owners of garage.
Ratcliffe & Stewart
Elephant Christening : Mayor Roberts christens the re-captured elephant Charlie Ed as 'Cranbrook Ed'. Details on the cerem
Elephant Christening
Ode To Myrtle : An announcement lamenting the death of Myrtle, one of the Sells-Floto Circus elephants that escaped
Ode To Myrtle
Cranbrook Fall Fair : The Chinese community in Cranbrook takes an active part in the Fall Fair.
Cranbrook Fall Fair
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