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Windsor Hotel Bar, Fort Steele : Taken in Windsor Hotel bar at Fort Steele - left to right George Thrasher, Dave Coffey, Jim Buckman
Windsor Hotel Bar, Fort Steele
Identification Card : Identification card for Arnold Williams of Cranbrook, B.C.
Identification Card
Cranbrook Group Photograph : Picture taken in front of school (1946). Top Row (L-R): Jack McKay, Mr. Adlard, Tom Blaney, Bill Bid
Cranbrook Group Photograph
Roger and Lily Bartholomew : A photo of Roger and Lily Bartholomew, with no date or location.
Roger and Lily Bartholomew
Cranbrook Water, Light & Phone Building : The building was the corporate headquarters for the Cranbrook water, light and phone utilities, cond
Cranbrook Water, Light & Phone Building
Cranbrook Post Office : Demolition of the Cranbrook Post Office (1971).
Cranbrook Post Office
Cranbrook Brewery Picnic : Cranbrook Brewery Picnic at Green Bay. (L-R): Jock MacDonald, Len Wyatt, Bill Ratcliffe, Jack Ward,
Cranbrook Brewery Picnic
Early Broom Ball : Early Cranbrook entertainment. Do not know who the people are, possible members of the Wheaton fami
Early Broom Ball
Cranbrook Brewing Co. Ltd. Picnic : Pictured is a group attending the Cranbrook Brewing Co. picnic at Green Bay in the 1930's. Standing
Cranbrook Brewing Co. Ltd. Picnic
Sullivan Mine : An early view of Kimberley's Sullivan Mine, with a large ore dump.
Sullivan Mine
The Tunnel, Kimberley, BC : A view of the exterior buildings at the 3900 foot level portal, Sullivan Mine at Kimberley, B.C. Th
The Tunnel, Kimberley, BC
Kimberley Townsite : An overview of Kimberley townsite. This picture is from what is now Leadenhall or Anglican Church h
Kimberley Townsite
Pioneers Motors, Cranbrook : Jack Shibley and Charles Draper in front of Pioneer Motors in Cranbrook, standing beside an OHMS Roy
Pioneers Motors, Cranbrook
Kitchener, BC : A home at Kitchener, with Russell Mountain in the background.
Kitchener, BC
Bull River, B.C. : The townsite of Bull River, featuring the Benedict general store. The postcard is from Clara Hurd, a
Bull River, B.C.
Gray Creek : View of a Kootenay Lake paddlewheeler at dock at Gray Creek. Titled 'At the Ferry Gray Creek, Koote
Gray Creek
BC Spruce Mills, Ltd. : BC Spruce Mills, Ltd. at Lumberton, showing staff and crew before the company ceased operation. Doe
BC Spruce Mills, Ltd.
BC Spruce Mills Ltd. : A photo of part of the Lumberton sawmill, showing the green chain and sorting.
BC Spruce Mills Ltd.
Cranbrook Dog Sled Races : Dog sled races being run on Baker Street in Cranbrook. Obviously a pretty good turnout.
Cranbrook Dog Sled Races
Cranbrook Fire : Garage totally destroyed by fire on 8th Avenue in Cranbrook, July 1936.
Cranbrook Fire
Cranbrook Fire : Ruins after a fire on 8th Avenue in Cranbrook where a garage was destroyed, July 1936.
Cranbrook Fire
Agnes Sullivan Smith : Mrs. Agnes Sullivan Smith in her home in Cranbrook, reminisces about her teaching days in Central Sc
Agnes Sullivan Smith
Cranbrook Golf & Country Club : The Cranbrook Golf & Country Club (Dec 16/25) now the Husky Oil Station on the strip in Cranbrook.
Cranbrook Golf & Country Club
Christine Scott : Christine Scott, a former Sam Steele Sweetheart in Cranbrook.
Christine Scott
Malcolm (Mac) McPhee : Malcolm (Mac) McPhee recalls his years as a student & teacher at Central School. He was also a princ
Malcolm (Mac) McPhee
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