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Hotel Vancouver : The Hotel Vancouver, a Canadian Pacific Hotel in Vancouver, B.C. 1910
Hotel Vancouver
Empress Hotel : The Empress Hotel, a Canadian Pacific hotel in Victoria, B.C., seen from the Inner Harbour. Ca. ear
Empress Hotel
The "Imperial Limited" : The CPR passenger train "Imperial Limited" with the Illieccillewaet Glacier in the background. c. 1
˜The Gap" : A CPR passenger train going through ˜The Gap" in Alberta. c. 1905
˜The Gap
Field, B.C. : Aerial view of Field, B.C.
Field, B.C.
Moraine Lake : Moraine Lake in Valley of Ten Peaks in the Canadian Rockies, Banff National Park, Alberta.
Moraine Lake
Chateau Lake Louise : A Canadian Pacific Hotel in Jasper National Park, Chateau Lake Louise, Alberta. c. 1905.
Chateau Lake Louise
Banff Springs Hotel : A Canadian Pacific Hotel, the Banff Springs Hotel and Bow Valley at Banff, Alberta. c. 1905
Banff Springs Hotel
Banff Springs Hotel : The swimming pool at the Banff Springs Hotel, a Canadian Pacific Hotel at Banff, Alberta. c. 1905
Banff Springs Hotel
Driving To Banff : A vintage automobile on a dirt highway in Banff National Park, Alberta.
Driving To Banff
CPR Steamship : Canadian Pacific Ocean Services steamship near Japan. c. 1910
CPR Steamship