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Ratcliffe & Stewart Ad : Ratcliffe & Stewart had the franchise for Nash cars in the Cranbrook area (also for Star cars). The
Ratcliffe & Stewart Ad
Auto Tourist Cartoon : The "Good Roads" debate was hard fought and continued for some time in B.C. The result, as this car
Auto Tourist Cartoon
Ford Automobile Ad : An early Ford ad run in the Cranbrook newspaper. The Ford product was changing and developing at a
Ford Automobile Ad
The Trusty Nash : The depicted car, driven by W.F. Cameron of Cameron & Sang, underwent a bad crash, but still made it
The Trusty Nash
Lake Windermere : A panoramic view of Lake Windermere.
Lake Windermere
Basil Hamilton : Hiking the Banff-Windermere highway Basil Hamilton took a photo of himself.
Basil Hamilton
Generic Ford Ad : A Ford company ad promoting their automobiles ansd trucks.
Generic Ford Ad
Hanson Garage Ad : An ad by the Hanson garage promoting the new McLaughlin Buick product.
Hanson Garage Ad
Cranbrook Liberal Association : Ad for the annual general meeting to be held in Cranbrook.
Cranbrook Liberal Association
Cranbrook Co-Operative Store : An ad for the Co-Op Store in Cranbrook.
Cranbrook Co-Operative Store
Burns & Company, Cranbrook : An ad for the Burns & Co. butcher shop in Cranbrook.
Burns & Company, Cranbrook
Ratcliffe & Stewart Ad : The Ratcliffe & Steward garage were dealers for Nash and Star cars and trucks.
Ratcliffe & Stewart Ad
A. E. Jones, Contractor : Ad for A.E. Jones, one of Cranbrook's premier construction contractors.
A. E. Jones, Contractor
Club Cafe : An ad for the Club Cafe, under the management of Alfred Seto.
Club Cafe
E.W. Widdowson : An ad for a Nelson assayer, giving prices for service.
E.W. Widdowson
Bruce Robinson : Bruce Robinson, of Robinson's Orchestra, advertising for music students.
Bruce Robinson
Hanson Garage : An ad promoting the new 1924 McLaughlin-Buick car.
Hanson Garage
Racist Ad : Hurry's White Lunch, with only Caucasian help.
Racist Ad
Venezia Hotel : An ad stating the owners of the Venezias Hotel, later the Sam Steele - Marapodi and Tascano.
Venezia Hotel
Corbin Coal : An ad for more miners wanted at Corbin, B.C.
Corbin Coal
Sutherlands Garage : Ad announcing the opening of Sutherland's garage in Cranbrook.
Sutherlands Garage
"The Mikado" : The Cranbrook Musical Society presents "The Mikado" in the Auditorium.
Mrs. Ira Foster : Ad for a Kimberley music teacher, on Spokane Street.
Mrs. Ira Foster
McClain & Halpin : Ad for Kimberley building contractors McClain & Halpin.
McClain & Halpin
Wilsons Vulcanizing Works Ad : A description of why tires are important. The ad also lists other secondary products supplied to th
Wilsons Vulcanizing Works Ad