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Kimberley Contractors : An advertisement for Kimberley contractors McClain and Halpin.
Kimberley Contractors
Kimberley Music Teacher : An advertisement for Kimberley music teacher Mrs. Ira Foster.
Kimberley Music Teacher
Cranbrook Musical Society : An advertisement for a production of "The Mikado" by the Cranbrook Musical Society.
Cranbrook Musical Society
Corbin Coal Ad : A newspaper ad for Corbin's Coal, Ltd. coal mine at Corbin, B.C.
Corbin Coal Ad
Venezia Hotel : An ad for the Venezia Hotel, now the sam Steele Hotel
Venezia Hotel
Hurrys White Lunch : Newspaper ad showing the reaction in Cranbrook to Chinese labour coming in.
Hurrys White Lunch
Music Teacher Ad : An ad for Bruce Robinson, music teacher in Crqanbrook and leadfer of Robinson's Orchestra.
Music Teacher Ad
Mining Assays : An ad for a Nelson assayer, performing metallurgical tesys for miners.
Mining Assays
Club Cafe Ad : An ad for the Club Cafe in Cranbrook, Alfred Seto proprietor.
Club Cafe Ad
A.E. Jones & Company : An ad for A.E. Jones contracting and building supplies in Cranbrook.
A.E. Jones & Company
P. Burns & Co. : An ad for the P. Burns & Co. butcher shop in Cranbrook.
P. Burns & Co.
Cranbrook Co-Operative Store : An ad for the Cranbrook Co-Operative Store.
Cranbrook Co-Operative Store
Cranbrook Liberal Association Ad : An ad for the Cranbrook Liberal Association's annual meeting, Cranbrook.
Cranbrook Liberal Association Ad
Cabin on the Banff-Windermere Motor Highway : A photo of Basil G. Hamilton accompanying a long article he wrote on walking (mostly) the Banff-Wind
Cabin on the Banff-Windermere Motor Highway