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Oldsmobile Ad : A 1936 newspaper ad for Oldsmobiles, with authorized agents being Wheeler Motors in Cranbrook and Ki
Oldsmobile Ad
Little & Atchison Ad : A New Year's greeting from the Cranbrook grocers Little & Atchison, located on 9th Avenue.
Little & Atchison Ad
Gyro Swimming Pool Carnival Ad : An advertisement proclaiming the official opening of the Gyro swimming pool in Baker Park. The Gyro
Gyro Swimming Pool Carnival Ad
Chevrolet Ad : Newspaper ad for the new 1936 Chevrolet, listing as dealers Wheeler Motors in Crnabrook and Kimberel
Chevrolet Ad
The Patricia Cafe : A New Year's greeting from the Patricia Ice Cream and Confectionery, wishing their customers abundan
The Patricia Cafe
"Mad Capers" Musical Comedy Ad : This was one of the many very successful shows the Gyro Club sponsored, raising money for pool const
L.D. Cafe : A display ad for New Year's dinner at the L.D. Cafe, listing the whole menu.
L.D. Cafe
Home Bakery Ad : A display ad for Frame's Home Bakery in Cranbrook.
Home Bakery Ad
H.W. Herchmer : An ad for H.W. Herchmer, lawyer in Cranbrook.
H.W. Herchmer
Ford Ad : A newspaper ad for 'the Canadian car," the new 1930 Ford. The Ford dealer in Cranbrook was the Hans
Ford Ad
Hanson Garage Ad : A "Thank You" from the owners of the Hanson Garage, Draper and MacPherson, to all their 1929 custome
Hanson Garage Ad
Golden Grain Bakery : A display ad for the Golden Grain Bakery.
Golden Grain Bakery
The Cranbrook Saddlery : A display ad for the Cranbrook Saddlery store.
The Cranbrook Saddlery
Chrysler Ad : A newspaper advertsiement for the new 1930 Chrysler, sponsored by the Cranbrook Chrysler and Plymout
Chrysler Ad