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Fort Steele Masonic Hall : Reporting on an agreement to build a new Masonic Hall at Fort Steele.
Fort Steele Masonic Hall
Fort Steele Band Hall : Newspaper article reporting on a decision to build the Fort Steele Band Hall to house the Brass Band
Fort Steele Band Hall
The Sullivan Mine : A newspaper report stating that the new Superintendent of the Sullivan Mine, C.W.Burdsell, had initi
The Sullivan Mine
Kootenay Club : Members of the Kootenay Club at Fort Steele advocating for erection of a new club building.
Kootenay Club
Calgary Flour : A newspaper ad for Calgary Flour.
Calgary Flour
City Bakery : A newspaper ad reporting tha fresh baked goods and produce are kept on hand constantly at the City B
City Bakery
L. Cohn : Newspaper ad for a Fort Steele tailor, stating he is an importer of fine woolens.
L. Cohn
Fort Steele Bakery : The Fort Steele Bakery, stressing its location.
Fort Steele Bakery
Grez the Barber : Advertisement for Al Grez, hairstyling/shaving.
Grez the Barber
Andrew Neidig : Contracter/builder, specializing in house and sign painting.
Andrew Neidig
Fort Steele Cigar Store : Fort Steele tobacconist, featuring access to telegraphs and a pool parlor.
Fort Steele Cigar Store
Baker, James : Newspaper article stating that the colonel was on his way home, also stating that the goverment offi
Baker, James
Pioneer Drug Hall : Newspaper ad stating Mr. Bleasdell intends the continued trade of pure drugs during 1900.
Pioneer Drug Hall
Prospector Publishing : Newspaper article reporting the up-coming bailiff's sale of a Cranbrook newspaper.
Prospector Publishing
Grassick & Dempsey : Newspaper ad for Fort Steele contractors.
Grassick & Dempsey
Bank of Commerce : Newspaper article stating that the Canadian Bank of Commerce will be opened for business on October
Bank of Commerce
Fort Steele Brass Band : Newspaper article about the Fort Steele Brass Band, extendng their thanks for all the donations.
Fort Steele Brass Band
Harvey and McCarter : Newspaper ad advertising barristers, solicitors, and notaries public.
Harvey and McCarter
Cranbrook Womens Liberal Association : Newspaper article reporting an upcoming meeting for the Cranbrook Women's Liberal Assn.
Cranbrook Womens Liberal Association
Fort Steele Autoists : Newspaper article reporting on the repairs taking place on the roads through Westport and Steele, al
Fort Steele Autoists
Wycliffe Beats Cranbrook : Newspaper article reporting that due to weather conditions the Yahk ball team is unable to attend th
Wycliffe Beats Cranbrook
Cranbrook Butcher Travels : Newspaper article reporting that a Cranbrook butcher has just returned from a trip to Calgary and ot
Cranbrook Butcher Travels
CONFLICT Being Filmed : Newspaper article reporting that a motion picture film will be shooting scenes in Perry Creek, Old T
CONFLICT Being Filmed
Hearts Aflame at Old Town : Newspaper article reporting that the motion picture troupe is set to arrive on Sunday, and the compa
Hearts Aflame at Old Town
Hearts Aflame Shooting : Newspaper article reporting that the camera men are looking for a suitable place to shoot scenes for
Hearts Aflame Shooting
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