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Moyie School Division 1, : School Class 1929-30 with teacher Geoff D'Arcy at back. Front left to right: Emile Beauregard, Ceci
Moyie School Division 1,
Isabelle & Joseph Whitehead : Isabelle & Joseph Whitehead, who had a family of nine. Mrs. Whitehead ran a boardinghouse, the Whit
Isabelle & Joseph Whitehead
Geological Survey Moyie Lake : George Whitehead working with Mr. Dryborough on a geological survey above Lower Moyie Lake, 1936.
Geological Survey Moyie Lake
St. Eugene Consolidated Mining Co. : A panoramic view of the workings of the St. Eugene Consolidated Mining Company on the lake shore at
St. Eugene Consolidated Mining Co.
Skating on Moyie Lake : A group of Moyie residents skating on Moyie Lake 1928. Left to right: Mrs. Jessie Whitehead, George
Skating on Moyie Lake
Andrews Family : The Andrews family of Moyie, 1942. Jim Whitehead being held, Mrs. Anne Kershaw (2nd woman from left
Andrews Family
Mr. & Mrs, Walter Andrews : Mr. & Mrs, Walter Andrews shortly after their marriage and arrival in Canada. They moved from Cranb
Mr. & Mrs, Walter Andrews
Jim & Jessie Whitehead : Jim & Jessie Whitehead 1905 wedding photo. Jessie McNeil was born in St. Paul, Minnesota and they m
Jim & Jessie Whitehead
Andrews Family : Lois Andrews on top of Jack Andrews' old car in front of the family bakery in Moyie.
Andrews Family
Mrs. Victor Desaulniers : Mrs. Victor Desaulniers, who with her husband owned the Central Hotel in Moyie.
Mrs. Victor Desaulniers
St. Eugene Mine : Workers taking a break on a platform, possibly at the St. Eugene mine. Workers names unknown.
St. Eugene Mine
Pop Andrews : Pop Andrews in front of the family bakery at Moyie., Pg. 148
Pop Andrews
St. Eugene Mine : The head frame above Moyie townsite, along with some of the houses at the mine site.
St. Eugene Mine
Andrews Family : Pop Andrews and Mrs. Andrews, with son Jack.
Andrews Family
Garage in Moyie : Bernard (Bunny) Desaulniers and J? Andrews sitting on an old car in front of the garage in Moyie, c.
Garage in Moyie
Moyie Baseball : Moyie baseball group 1932. Standing l-r: Al Danielson, Jack Braiden, ?, Harold Sanders, Jack Andrew
Moyie Baseball
Central Hotel : Built in 1898 on the northwest corner of Queens and Victoria streets in Moyie, the Central Hotel was
Central Hotel
George & Mary Whitehead : George and Mary Whitehead at Bonners Ferry, Idaho, on their wedding day October 17, 1936.
George & Mary Whitehead
Moyie from the Lake : Moyie from the lake, with the C.PR. station and Kootenay Hotel prominent in the photograph.
Moyie from the Lake
Moyie Fire Hall : A good view of the Moyie fire hall building before it was restored, with the sheds around it visible
Moyie Fire Hall
Moyie Students and Teacher : L-R: Philip N. Conrad, Nelson Smith and Frank Conrad, with their former teacher Al McIntnyre - Fathe
Moyie Students and Teacher
Stella and Frank McMahon : Stella Maud Soper McMahon and Frank McMahon with the children, little friends Beatrice Hawke, Sid El
Stella and Frank McMahon
Laird Home : First Catholic Church in Moyie, then the Laird home in this photo. L-R: Reg and Frank Laird
Laird Home
Early Moyie Families : Mrs. Foote holding Beatrice Hawke and Mrs. Frank McMahon with Irene Elmer.
Early Moyie Families
Early View of Moyie : The city of Moyie seen from the heights above the St. Eugene Mine. Moyie Lake is laid out in front
Early View of Moyie
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