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Moyie Lumbering : Perhaps the Porto Rico Lumber Company at the narrows, not sure. Man standing on the boom of logs in
Moyie Lumbering
The Women of Moyie : Front row: seated on lawn Esther(Berland) Lowes & daughter Charolette (father was H.J. Lowes), Charo
The Women of Moyie
Rachel Wills : Rachel Wills, with sons William (Red) behind and Tommy on her lap.
Rachel Wills
Wishing They Were Fishing : L-R: Nelson Smith, George Smith, R.A. 'Bobby' Smith, unknown?, unknown?, Regina Smith. All are sta
Wishing They Were Fishing
Boating At Moyie : One of the Smith boys with a dog and two unknown people in the boats.
Boating At Moyie
R.A. Smith : Robert Alexander Smith making boots in his shop. Lame from a childhood accident, he learned shoemak
R.A. Smith
Gordon, Vi, Harold, Mum, Grandfather Andy : Gordon, Vi, Harold, Mum, Grandfather Andy. Does anyone know thi sfamily?
Gordon, Vi, Harold, Mum, Grandfather Andy
McFarlanes : Edith and Charlie McFarlane at Moyie, c. 1952.
Moyie Couple : An unidentified couple standing in a yard in Moyie, with St. Peter's Catholic church in the backgrou
Moyie Couple
Sandy MacFarlane : Sandy went by MacFarlane, his son Charlie went by McFarlane. A resident of Moyie.
Sandy MacFarlane
Patsy Strand : Patsy Strand standing on the right with an unknown girl, in front of an unknown Moyie business.
Patsy Strand
Man Ready for Anything : Standing in a costume, moved to Moyie in 1903. Anyone know this gentleman.
Man Ready for Anything
Toths House : Sitting on wooden steps, Toths House about 1950.
Toths House
Edith and Charlie : Taken 1955, Edith was a house keeper in the Kootenay Hotel where she met Charlie in 1919. Heath
Edith and Charlie
Lakeview Hotel : Standing in front of the Lakeview Hotel at Moyie. WHo is this couple?
Lakeview Hotel
Dock at Moyie Lake : Unidentified gentleman standing on a dock at Moyie Lake.
Dock at Moyie Lake
Elderly Lady : Elderly lady standing on a street at Moyie, approx. 1951.
Elderly Lady
Residence At Moyie : One of the Moyie residences, about 1965. Anyone know more?
Residence At Moyie
Moyie Buidings : Taken 1954, the steeple of St. Peter's Catholic church in the background.
Moyie Buidings
Moyie Camping : Adelard St. Louis (L), and Mrs. Mondoux (R), with unknown children, taken in June 1960.
Moyie Camping
A Moyie Family : Meva, Ada, Edward, Fred, Glen & Gordon, 1940. What were the last names?
A Moyie Family
Charlie (Chogoro) Yoshi? : This is believed to be a photo of Charlie Chogoro Yoshi, a Moyie resident. "Dad & Maria Visate?" wr
Charlie (Chogoro) Yoshi?
C.M. & S. Seaplane : The Consolidated Mining and Smelting company's seaplane on Moyie Lake. This aircraft has been identi
C.M. & S. Seaplane
Taken from our veranda : 'Taken from our veranda', Moyie as seen from Florence Lindstrom's house.
Taken from our veranda
RCAF Flying boat on Moyie Lake : A Royal Canadian Air Force Supermarine Stranraer flying boat on Moyie Lake.
RCAF Flying boat on Moyie Lake
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