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Wild Horse Pioneers : A horse-drawn float commemorating the Wild Horse gold rush, in front of the Nu-Way Cafe in Cranbrook
Wild Horse Pioneers
A Cranbrook Pageant : Groups of young children dressed in costumes celebrating the provinces, performing.
A Cranbrook Pageant
Eleanor McKowan on Parade : Eleanor McKowan on a horse in a Cranbrook parade, holding the British flag. A group from the Wyclif
Eleanor McKowan on Parade
Central School Choral Group? : Children from Central School performing, possibly singing, in a Cranbrook pageant. Dam Melody added
Central School Choral Group?
Cranbrook Parade with Marching Band : A marching band on Baker Street in Cranbrook, led by the RCMP.
Cranbrook Parade with Marching Band
Central School Performance : Children from Central School performing a folk dance for an audience at Baker Park in Cranbrook. Da
Central School Performance
Faith Webster : Faith Webster, dressed as Britannia in a Cranbrook pageant.
Faith Webster
Central School Float : Central School float commemorating King Alfred, father of the British Navy. In the background are t
Central School Float