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Reekies Machine Shop, Cranbrook : Reekie's staff in front of the machine shop on Harold Street in Cranbrook, BC.
Reekies Machine Shop, Cranbrook
Cranbrook Trading Company Store Interior : An interior view of the Cranbrook Trading Company store. In the photo are: Lydia Suran, Louise Pell
Cranbrook Trading Company Store Interior
Cranbrook Survey Crew : A survey crew working from Cranbrook, BC. Identified are Jack Smith, Spry Morris and AJ Morris. Th
Cranbrook Survey Crew
Surveying at Cherry Creek : Cranbrook surveyors at Cherry Creek returning from a day of work. Stewart Morris in back.
Surveying at Cherry Creek
Picnic at Perry Creek : Collective photo of a picnic group at Perry Creek, gathered in front of the Banks and Thompson mine
Picnic at Perry Creek
BC Southern Railway in 1898 - Work Gang : Image of a work gang working on the BC Southern Railway on a roadbed in the Fernie, BC area.
BC Southern Railway in 1898 - Work Gang
BC Spruce Mills Flume : BC Spruce Mills flume at Lumberton, B.C. This was one of the largest sawmills in the interior, in i
BC Spruce Mills Flume
Josephs Prairie : An eEarly image (1883) of Joseph's Prairie, the site that eventually became the city of Cranbrook.
Josephs Prairie
James Greer : James Greer, a pioneer contractor who built public buildings and residences around 1904 in Cranbrook
James Greer
L.B. VanDecar : L.B. VanDecar was a pioneer hotelman. He built and operated the Royal (now called the Byng) hotel f
L.B. VanDecar
C.H. Dunbar : C.H. Dunbar was a barrister and solicitor in the early days of Cranbrook.
C.H. Dunbar
Cranbrook Public School : Cranbrook public school as it looked around 1906.
Cranbrook Public School
Harry A. McKowan : Pioneer lumberman and head of the Cranbrook Sash and Door Company.
Harry A. McKowan
W.E. Dad Worden : Arrived in Cranbrook from Calgary in about 1898 and operated a successful transfer business for many
W.E. Dad Worden
North East Arch into Cranbrook : Image of the North East Arch entrance into Cranbrook, constructed across the highway in the mid-1930
North East Arch into Cranbrook
Cranbrooks First City Council 1905 : Cranbrook's First City Council - Standing Left to Right: Ald. D. Murphy, Ald. J. Jackson, Ald. J. Fi
Cranbrooks First City Council 1905
Jos. T. Sarvis : Image of Jos. T. Sarvis, CPR Engineman.
Jos. T. Sarvis
T.M. Roberts : Mr. Roberts served the city of Cranbrook faithfully and well from incorporation onward. Was city cl
T.M. Roberts
George T. Moir : George T. Moir was a CPR agent who gave active leadership in the Amateur Athletic Association during
George T. Moir
Angus Morrison : Together with the late James Ryan, Angus Morrison opened the Cranbrook Hotel on Dec. 23, 1897. The
Angus Morrison
Gyro Swimming Pool, Cranbrook, B.C. : An image of the Gyro Swimming Pool in Cranbrook, showing the fountain in the distance and one of the
Gyro Swimming Pool, Cranbrook, B.C.
City Power Shovel : An image of a power shovel used by the City of Cranbrook.
City Power Shovel
Alderman A.J. Balment : Photo of AJ Balment, past Alderman for the City of Cranbrook.
Alderman A.J. Balment
Alderman A.E. Jones : Photo of A.E. Jones, former Alderman for the City of Cranbrook. He was also a very sought after con
Alderman A.E. Jones
Mayor R.E. Sang : Image of RE Sang, a former mayor of Cranbrook.
Mayor R.E. Sang
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