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Railway Construction Camp : A tent camp in front of Mt. Robson. Summer camp during construction of Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad
Railway Construction Camp
Mount Robson : Mt. Robson 1911-12 A winter scene of the mountain taken by Gn construction engineer L.J. Cole.
Mount Robson
Moving Day : Moving Day Mile ?6 B.C. The number in front of the 6 can't be determined. A team of horses has pul
Moving Day
Tete Jaune Cache : Tete Jaune just before Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad construction. A collection of log buildings.
Tete Jaune Cache
Clearing Snowslide : Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad equipment on construction opposite Mt. Robson. L.J. Cole, Res. Enginee
Clearing Snowslide
Athabasca Valley : Athabasca Valley and G.T.P. Engineer's Camp Fitzhugh. Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad construction day
Athabasca Valley
Hogans Bridge : Hogan's Bridge at Mile 36. It was built on a log jamb below Overlander Falls.
Hogans Bridge
Railway Construction : Laying rail on Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad bed opposite Mt. Robson. Photo shows the track layer pu
Railway Construction
Grand Trunk Pacific Near Croydon : Grand Truck Pacific Railroad after construction, vicinity of Croydon, B.C. Original photo by L.J. Co
Grand Trunk Pacific  Near Croydon
Railway Snowslide : Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. L.J. Cole, Res. Engineer for construction. After track was down, there
Railway Snowslide