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Barrister and Solicitors Office : Three men in front of tent. Sign on the tent reads L.P. Eckstein, Barrister & Solicitor, Tete Jaune
Barrister and Solicitors Office
Mile 53 : Mile 53, Tete Jaune Cache, BC. People walking on railroad tracks, steamer on water behind the uprig
Mile 53
S.S. Operator on the Fraser River : SS Operator, sternwheeler, at Tete Jaune Cache, BC, on the Fraser River. Note the wood fuel piled a
S.S. Operator on the Fraser River
River Freight : River freight photo showing skows and docks at Tete Jaune Cache, BC (between Mile 52 & 53) on the Fr
River Freight
Early Tete Jaune Cache : Business section of Tete Jaune Cache, BC, in its very early days.
 Early Tete Jaune Cache
Plate Clocks At Valemount : Mrs. Bruce Carr (owner of Stedmans) (unknown which one) with Peggy Baggett and third lady, unknown,
Plate Clocks At Valemount