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Laying of the Masonic Temple Cornerstone
Laying of the Masonic Temple Cornerstone
Rotary Park Fountain : Ornamental fountain in Rotary Park that has been out of commission for a number of years, now demoli
Rotary Park Fountain
Masonic Cornerstone : Corner stone of new Masonic Temple in Cranbrook was laid with ceremony and procession.
Masonic Cornerstone
Masonic Temple : Masonic Temple in Cranbrook is considered one of the most perfect Lodge Halls devoted to masonry bet
Masonic Temple
CPR Construction Corps : Canadian Pacific Railway company authorized to organize a railway construction corp for overseas ser
CPR Construction Corps
Masonic Temple : Masonic Temple of Cranbrook to be demolished, and is remembered by a resident who recalls when it wa
Masonic Temple
Sick Brewery : Sick is building a brewery at Trail.
Sick Brewery
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