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Fire Hall Improvements : Improvements around Cranbrook Fire Hall with a brick workshop and proposed fountain under constructi
Fire Hall Improvements
Doukhobor Fire : Fire destroys Doukhobor Jam Plant near Grand Forks.
Doukhobor Fire
Soft Drinks Bottled : Scott Fruit bottling soft drinks in all popular flavours, hiring only local employees.
Soft Drinks Bottled
Golden Sawmill : Advertisement for sawmill manufacturers and dealers in lumber.
Golden Sawmill
Ad for Transportation : Rates and time table for Upper Columbia Navigation & Tramway Co.
Ad for Transportation
South Ward School : Cranbrook Boy Scouts association received favorable reply from Department of Education to lease Sout
South Ward School
Hindu Retaliation : Newspaper article narrowly averted tragedy at local sawmill when foreman caught bunch of Hindus send
Hindu Retaliation
The Brickyard : Former Balfour resident has moved to Cranbrook to start a brickyard.
The Brickyard
Brick & Lime Producers : Fort Steele manufacturers of brick and lime.
Brick & Lime Producers
Foundation Laid : Work on new Cranbrook schoolhouse progressing rapidly.
Foundation Laid
Legion Building : Cranbrook Canadian Legion expects new building to be finished in two months.
Legion Building
Cranbrook Brick Company : 280,000 bricks produced in first kiln of the season.
Cranbrook Brick Company
School History : Detailing the growth of Cranbrooks school from a tiny shack to its present handsome structure.
School History
Cranbrook Fire Brick : Cranbrooks' official brokers offering shares in Cranbrook Fire Brick And Terra Cotta Company at $1 p
Cranbrook Fire Brick
Castlegar-Robson Ferry Slip
Castlegar-Robson Ferry Slip
Lone Horseman
Lone Horseman
Unknown Residence
Unknown Residence
A Musical Family
A Musical Family
Castlegar Residence?
Castlegar Residence?
McMullin & Taylor Brickyard : Cranbrook brickyard shipped five carloads of brick to Fernie for the coke ovens.
McMullin & Taylor Brickyard
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