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Review of Progress : Review of Cranbrook and district's progress during 1911 and outlook for 1912.
Review of Progress
Cranbrook Development : Newspaper excerpt Nelson News - annual review on Cranbrook and district.
Cranbrook Development
Cranbrook Theatres : {icture post cards can be seen at Palace Cigar store in Cranbrook, and local doctor erecting a moder
Cranbrook Theatres
Hall Block : Dr. Hall has architect Rossiter preparing plans for new building he is erecting on Baker Street in C
Hall Block
Cranbrook Rotary : Cranbrook Rotarians actively preparing for the first annual Rotary Minstrel and speech of some thing
Cranbrook Rotary
City Council Report : Regular meeting of Cranbrook City Council dealing with payments of bills, update on utilities and ex
City Council Report
Patricia Cafe : Patricia Cafe and Confectionery offering food from soda fountain sundae to Sunday dinner.
Patricia Cafe
Better Buildings : Cranbrook has a few new buildings made of brick and are modern in design, the urge is on to replace
Better Buildings
Jackson Block Description : New business block rapidly approaching completion for the occupancy of Cranbrook Trading Co.
Jackson Block Description
Pilot Bay News : Social dance and new brickyard
Pilot Bay News
Kaslo Growth : Kaslo experiences a building boom.
Kaslo Growth
Fire Concerns : Government support not forthcoming.
Fire Concerns
Kaslo Notes : Brickyard burning bricks.
Kaslo Notes
Marysville Brickyard : Clay cave-in.
Marysville Brickyard
Marysville : Newspaper excerpt Nelson Miner
Boosting Marysville : An article charting Marysville's economy and industrial base.
Boosting Marysville
Marysville Smelter : Site is expanding and lots of work.
Marysville Smelter
Marysville Smelter : Newspaper
Marysville Smelter
Maryville News : People and businesses
Maryville News
Marysville Smelter : Brick work being pushed.
Marysville Smelter
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