The Basin Record Newsletter Vol.1 Issue

Basin Record I N M EMORIUM : The Gyro Pool The largest outdoor pool in western Canada was a Cranbrook landmark. What do you remember of the pool, the social life around the pool, or the eventual filling in of this Cranbrook treasure? Please let us know. Con- tact the Columbia Basin Institute of Regional His- tory (address above.) Share the memories! Storytelling Workshop We all have words that whisper to us, secrets that spring to mind at quiet times and stories that carry us forward in daily life. Sharing these stories and speaking them aloud is important, and citizens of the Columbia Basin are coming together to support this goal. On the evening of Wednesday, October 12 th , Cranbrook Balment Ser- vices was full of dynamic Basin citizens who gathered to participate in a story- telling workshop. Organized by Angus Davis and the Columbia Basin Institute of Regional History, the workshop focused on storytelling and spoken word of local communities and landscapes. Some folks had a pocket stuffed with sto- ries and others had a hat full of tricks; everybody had the shared goal of keep- ing memory alive to give cultural depth to the places we call home. Herman Alpine shared stories about life at ’Akiskaqli’it (the Cranbrook area) and the St. Mary’s Residential School to represent his own experience and language, encouraging the strength that lies in diversity: “Storytelling is teaching and learning – I want to be recognized as part of this territory.” Heather deJong, a storyteller who has presented with the Alberta Cowboy Poets Association under the name of Mountain Mumma, spoke about her mission to piece together the story of John Anderson, a man from Elko, Nevada, who stayed for 30 years around Wardner and Elko BC. Heather exhibits the intense commitment that storytellers have to research. The Columbia Basin Institute of Regional History is committed to making re- gional history stories accessible to Basin residents, and will be working to initi- ate a storytelling festival in various downtown Cranbrook venues. Watch for a schedule, and contact the Institute if you’d like to participate as a storyteller or as a venue host for a storyteller! the Joe Pierre bringing life to one of his many stories! Published by the Columbia Basin Institute of Regional History Newsletter : Vol. 1 No.1 21A 10 Ave S Cranbrook BC V1C 2M9 Telephone: (250) 489-9150 E-mail: Inside this Issue An invitation to attend the commemoration of the Time Capsule that will take place at the Cranbrook Public Li- brary on November 1 st at 4:00p.m. A tribute to the natural his- tory of the Columbia Basin. A few words from our Presi- dent Tom Beardsley and from Executive Director Derryll White.